…to the Hidden Hedge!

With one foot in the broom closet anchored to the mundane, I’m stepping across the magickal threshold to explore the wonders of Mother Earth and venture ever closer to the allure of the Otherworld. After fifteen years of solitary study, research, practice and deliberation, I have finally made it here. My penchant for writing and witchcraft has been a constant in my life and the time has come to bring them together in this fancy little package I call my blog!

Why “hidden”?

Being in the broom closet is only part of it. The real reason is… well…. “hidden” just sounds mysterious and fun! It’s also about my quest to discover and understand the magick of Mother Earth. The wonder of the Universe. The mysteries of life. The stuff that makes one go hmmm at 3AM. The esoteric philosophy and mystical experiences. I love everything occult! And hedge witchcraft just happens to be my “all of the above.”

My fascination for the world of magick drew me to witchcraft at a young age and the passage of time did nothing to quell this thirst for the “supernatural”. I dare to dig for hidden truths buried in the rubble of societal expectations. I dare to find the hidden mysteries of long lost and abandoned traditions. I dare to live a magickal life, where hidden wisdom can be discovered in the arms of Mother Nature, and of course, a pile of my beloved books!

Life can be on fast-forward mode without our noticing it. I don’t want to wake up one day wondering where time went and wth just happened?

With #allthethings that compete for our time, energy, and attention, we often (if not altogether) forget to pause, breathe, notice, and bring our awareness to all the gifts this world has to offer. There is a wealth of wisdom, renewal, healing, and endless wonderment in Nature, the art of natural witchcraft being one of them!

So now what?

I went to Reiki once and the practitioner told me: You really need to write. Your grandmother told me to tell you.

But what do I write about? I said. Who’s gonna read it? I asked. She just smiled at me and replied: Don’t worry, she will guide you. And don’t be afraid, your dad will help.

She was speaking of my departed father, whom I’ve lost at age 13. And grandmother, who passed on four years ago.

I didn’t know what to make of that. Writing was a personal hobby I kept locked away in a box full of scrap paper and sticky notes. It wasn’t meant to see the light of day!

That was a year ago.

So now… I write.

Guided by the spirit of my grandma, my dad, and my ancestors, I honor my heritage by finding ways to bring magick to my everyday life. My witchcraft journey has taken me to a place where magick is real and reality is magickal. I am fascinated by the world around me, my home is my sacred space, my heart is a door to the magickal realm, and my spirit is the bridge that connects me to the secrets of the Universe.

Witchcraft and Whimsy

Really though, my path wouldn’t be what it is if I was serious all the time. There is a time to reflect and a time to laugh, a time to revere and a time to – well – be irreverent. I say this with utmost respect, quoting three words from Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler… “mirth and reverence” holds an important place in my Craft, because to believe in magick, is to be a child at heart.

These are my adventures in life as a witch and everything in between; where every day I discover that magick requires nothing except an open mind and an open heart. I am Lux Eternum and I am happy you are here.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Ronald Dahl