Harnessing the Power of Dark Moon Water

Making Moon water is one of the simplest and yet most profound way one can do to honour the phases of the moon and celebrate its energies with each changing phase. The dark moon allows the stars to shine brighter, even the smallest glow is given the chance to bring its light to make even the blackest night an enchanting experience.

Though full moons have commonly – and most popularly – been the focus for this magickal water, every phase is powerful with a unique energy all its own.

The Dark Moon, the period in which the moon is not visible to the naked eye (0% illumination, astronomically speaking), is interchangeably referred to as the New Moon. But for the purpose of this post as well as my own personal belief and practice, the Dark Moon is unique; it is that moment before any sliver of light appears… and this beautiful, complete darkness is home to the wonders of dark magick.

Dark magick? But isn’t that evil? One might ask. This legitimate question comes from the ubiquitous idea that magick is classified into “black” or “white”. Contrary to popular belief, magick has no color. It is neither good nor evil. It is neutral. But how about hexes and curses and jinxes? One might wonder. There is no unsavory magick, just unsavory purposes. But that, is for another post.

When I say dark magick, it has nothing to do with evil. It is the dark we all have within us. If we have the courage to look inside and inward, exploring the parts of us we hide from, there is so much to discover and embrace. It is also the darkness of the in- between moments, the liminal spaces, when the energies of the Otherworld become accessible. It is a time for the unseen, the unconscious.

Why Make Dark Moon Water?

Dark Moon water has a trifecta of divine meaning. The moon is a symbol of divine feminine energy, powerful in and of itself. The water element rules over feelings, emotion, intuition, healing, intention, devotion, fluidity, strength, and psychic powers. The dark phase represents the subconscious, the hidden realms, introspection, acceptance, resting and digesting everything that took place since the birth of the previous new moon.

This is why dark moons are dedicated to shadow work, contacting spirits and the fair folk, banishing, and journeys into the abyss where we are challenged to face our monsters, real and perceived, so we can integrate it into ourselves and thus become whole: in the light, in the shadows, and in the dark.

7 Uses for Dark Moon Water

• Pour some into bath water during cleansing before doing rituals working with dark energy.

• Anoint oneself before rituals involving spirit work. Drink some before visualization and meditation journeys into the spirit world, dream work, and astral travel.

• Use instead of oil to consecrate tools and candles being dedicated to dark energy magick. Pour into a scrying bowl for divination, or anoint your scrying mirror

• Drinking some before shadow work to encourage opening your heart to the journey. It is a time of deep reflection, acceptance of things that we cannot change and delving deep within ourselves for the inspiration and strength to carry on and push through toward the burgeoning light. Planning, contemplation, expectation, and gathering energy as the new lunar cycle arrives.

• Use as libations during ancestral work, contacting spirit guides and deities

• Libations for dark goddesses such as Aradia, Ceridwen, Hekate, Inanna, Isis, Lilith, Morrigan, and Persephone. You may place it in your altar or pour it outdoors. Read more about them here.

• Honouring and offering for The Fair Folk (Fae). The dark moon in our realm, mirrors the full moon in the Otherworld. Water is believed to be a portal to other dimensions, its mirror-like and fluid quality “sees” into planes of existence.

A Spell to Use with Dark Moon Water

Dark moon show your hidden face

Grant me vision, grant me grace

Mysteries I shall embrace

Ancient wisdom I retrace.

Mirror of night and shadow

Clear sight upon me bestow

Safe passage to worlds unknown

May your dark light guide me home.

© Copyright 2020 The Hidden Hedge Witch